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Make a booking

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You can make an appointment with Anna via +32470263973. It is a Belgian number, but I am of Dutch descent. People who call / email are not answered. Prepare a whatsapp message with your wishes: which massage, for how long, proposed dates and the corresponding part of the day, what you want to do as a social encounter (a private wellness & lunch is very popular) etc. Then we will make an appointment asap.

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I assume that you have read the website carefully before asking additional questions in the Whatsapp.

As Anna does everything independently from start to finish, doing business is also really businesslike. It is not for nothing that a website has been created where all information can be found. Anna's responses are short and concise so that contact remains clear and direct for a quick flow. Be sure to read the reviews before you pass judgment.

See you soon!

xXx  – Anna

Ps. read this too dit before you'll book an appointment.

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