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First: Why Anna?
One blue Monday I worked in a massage parlor. I was tired and said: “Go home now and strong again tomorrow”. To which I got the answer: “Well then you will be sick for 2 days”! 
As you can probably already fill in yourself, this greatly affects the quality. Just imagine that you have moved your things for a day, you are tired and you want to exercise afterwards. Then little or nothing comes out of your body! By determining my 'work' moments myself, I always maintain top quality!

1 of the few diamonds with passion in the business!
As a customer, you can feel this in the agreements. If you have a sex worker without pleasure in the profession, you will feel this too. Especially if you are highly sensitive.

Thousands of customers preceded you.

Cost overview, massage per hour (include basic incall location). The discount example: Body2body - March discount is 275 total.

per hour relaxation massage                                                                                      250
per hour kasmirische tantra or  body2body                                                       300
per hour red+ tantrastrap-on usesounds (dilator) or edging    350

Scroll a bit more down for 30 minutes rates.

Online cursus (course) edging  600

Intimate is not just for everyone and will only happen when I experience a mutual click. If we switch to intimate, the additional amount must be ready immediately, or must be transferred per tikkie. I will ask halfway through every massage if there is interest in switching to intimate. Since this is now asked every time in the last 5 minutes and it is unfortunately no longer feasible.

Not in the Netherlands or far away for an appointment? Online edging session 350 per hour.

PS. This rate is for the standerd location Helmond
Overige locatie: Mol, 60 euro per uur extra.

Rates 30 minutes Helmond only

Relaxation                                              150
Kasmirishce Tantra or Body2body  170
Lingam no edging                                200

Outcall: 100 euros up to 30 km from Helmond 150 Utrecht region 200 Amsterdam / Zaandam 250 Friesland (ex overnight stay and breakfast for everything above 30 km from Helmond).

Combi massage? Then the minimum order is 2 hours. A popular combination is the tantra / body2body and edging. It takes 20 minutes before you are completely relaxed. Nothing better! then as if starting with a massage, becoming completely relaxed and only then moving on to edging.

Most booked Most booked: Edging -> Tantra Read further down to discover what is mostly booked during a intimacy date. This is the 3th most booked option.

Additional personal tip / advice: At the red tantra+ because we do analplay / sounding here, it is important that you fully relax. Because of this, I would recommend booking at least half an hour extra so that I can start with a preparatory massage.

Quick cost overview intimate standard

4 hour 1500
3 hour 1190
2 hour 940
1 hour 625

Couples 25% on the base price. Threesome – gang bang? -> 25% extra for every extra person, you are already together / in a group.

Most booked intimacy 
4 hours starting with lunch and then on to a private wellness suite. ->
2 hours starting with a body2body massage and then flowing into intimate where Anna sets the pace. ->
12 noon (Personal) Shopping with Anna, lunch, shopping / city walk / massage, to the theater, cinema. Back to the wellness room and enjoy a nice evening together.

PS. The 12 hours are divided very differently, customers come up with ideas themselves. You can also think of a visit to a fair such as MastersExpo – a day at the beach – flying up and down to London or Nice – a day of cuddling in a private wellness – tantra day in a tantraloft – visiting a festival etc.

Quick cost overview intimate long-term

1 week 1500
48 hours 6250
36 hours 5570

Additional cost overview

5 hours 1750 12 hours 3219 2 weeks 25990
6 hours 1990 16 hours 3710 4 weeks 48260
7 hours 2225 24 hours 4455 Extra days 1860

An extra hour of extension 625. All rates are in euros.

De afname is exclusief de onkosten / reserveringskosten voor oa de kamer, eten, uitjes en de taxi en reiskosten (tot 30km vanaf Helmond inbegrepen ex parkeerkosten). Tot 1 uur reizen 100 extra 1,5 uur reizen 150 extra 2 uur reizen 200 extra etc. Currently I travel up to 45 minutes from Helmond

A session to intimate retains its exclusivity for Anna's existing customers.

Extra costs due to the extra time that will be in it for me, in which I cannot take other appointments: massage at your home / hotel / private wellness, with a decrease of 1 hour 100 extra and with a decrease of 2 hours or longer 50 extra, up to 30 km from my receiving location. Group of friends? Then you can share my travel costs with each other.

Be clear about what you want, start with the dates on which you have options, the associated times, in which region you are looking, how long you want the booking to last, how you would like to see the appointment for you, which activities do you want to go together to undertake?

I am also available for business trips, holidays, long-term and “Fly me to you” or "Train me to you" bookings.

ps. Now go to my page make an appointment and find out how you can now schedule a meeting with me. There's a chance you're lucky and I'll have time right away. It is recommended that you schedule your appointment.

Terms & conditions

The appointment can be canceled free of charge until 10:00 on 2 days prior to the appointment (so at least 48 hours plus the extra hours from 10:00), after which I am forced to charge the full costs. In the event of a cancellation within these 48 hours, 100% must be paid. I plan the appointments for physical stress and rest. No changes will be made within 48 hours.

If the reservation is linked to a location that does not refund the full amount within a longer period, the cancellation period will automatically change and 100% must be paid.

I plan the appointments based on physical strain and rest. No changes will be made within 48 hours.

!Pay attention! No bills bigger then 50 euro. I work without money exchange. No change back.

Payment upfront is 30 euro per hour + all the extra expenses like a private spa.

A deal is a deal. If you plan yourself at 13:00, be there at 13:00.

During the sessions you are in an almost complete surrender, a loving hand on your leg is allowed. Touching me between the legs & touching breasts is not allowed during any massage. With edging, half b2b & tantra you are completely in surrender.

The minimum order is 1 hour. If you want to make a combination, the minimum purchase is 1 hour per selected item. For example, tantra with edging is a minimum of 2 hours.

Women are also welcome

Showering is mandatory, both at the beginning and at the end of the massage / intimate togetherness.

If you do not comply with my conditions, or other agreements made on site (e.g. in case of submission) and at the moment when I am already on my way (train, car, plane, etc.) I am entitled to cancel the appointment at any time. terminate for full compensation.

body hygiene Unfortunately, it's more common than you might think, but guys.. check your genitals before visiting an erotic masseuse, because if you warts I am unfortunately not allowed to give a peak / penis massage because I have to work around the warts. This is transferable! In this case, first go to the doctor to have it removed. If you do have warts, it is your own risk that I do not perform any actions on the penis. Of course, this also applies to elsewhere on the body.

Contra inductions 
I also take into account other contraindications such as: Fever, contagious skin disorders, fractures, bruises, swimmer's eczema, fungal nails, thrombosis, open wounds, psoriasis and fungal fields.
– Have you not discussed the warts or any other contraindication with me? Then I am within my right to shorten the session at all times. It may also happen that it is not possible at all to give the session and I am therefore within my right to completely abort the session. The session must be paid in full. The health and safety of everyone is my top priority.
– Discuss the following with your doctor whether you can visit a masseuse: antibiotics and blood thinners.

Long-term additional conditions
– At least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night.
– At least 3 hours to myself per day so that I can take care of my sport, answer the phone and get myself ready for the day.

xXx Anna

PS I get new customers mainly through satisfied customers. Are you a satisfied customer? Then pass it on.
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