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body2body massage

Body2body massage

Experience how the warm oil descends on your body during the erotic body2body massage. Experience how my soft hands*, beautiful round buttocks and firm breasts flow over your body in an erotic way.

*Hands are only used for oiling. The massage is given completely with the breasts and buttocks. So not like in most massage parlors a lot of caressing (casmirian tantra) / 50 percent with the hands 50 percent body to body.

The body to body massage is concluded with a wonderful wash in the shower.

During this massage, the most erotic postures can be assumed, where you experience the ultimate erotic dream. The body2body massage is a firm massage where you experience a pleasant pressure. It loosens the muscles and gives you a reborn feeling.

This body2body massage is only available in full body2body. Applying the oil is done with the hands, the rest with the body.

Since this is a very intensive massage on my body and quickly causes overload, this massage is only given 1 or 2 x a day and is therefore quickly full.



Body2body combined with relaxation

During this massage, the above-mentioned massage is mixed with a relaxation massage. During this massage you lie on your back for 5 minutes longer. Touching is not allowed, you are in complete surrender. The massage consists of 50 percent relaxation and 50 percent body2body.

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