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Tantra massage

Tantra massage


This erotic tantra massage is an intuitive and meditative massage from the Shiveai Tantra tradition of Kashmir.

Your body is massaged in different positions, sometimes very soft and subtle, sometimes dynamic, but always in the softness of very slow, flowing movements all over the body. This is a massage that invites surrender, where sensual enjoyment is alternated with tender and loving nurturing.

It is important that you surrender yourself completely to me. You are pure and only the recipient. Otherwise I will be taken out of meditation, making the massage many times less effective.

The massage starts in the yab yum position, after which I lay you on your back and the front of the body is massaged first. Then both sides of the body and the back are also massaged. (The sides can only be taken along with a purchase of the full tantra massage of one and a half hours).

The massage can be active by means of caresses, but sometimes passivity in the hugging position is more effective. This makes the massage a refined alternation full of attention and affection.

Tantra expirerence

4 hour tantra experience. Consisting of a quiet entry, reception with a cup of tea, after which we take a shower together. Starting with a spiritual guided meditation, played via youtube, we both lie next to each other on a mat and undergo the meditation. You can also choose the sa ta na ma. This is a very pleasant mediation where we sit back to back, through this way we land optimally in each other's energy.

After this we go into the 1st massage. The Kum nye tantra. After the 1st massage we have a break where we take a cup of tea with some fruit.

Now it's time for the cashmere massage. After this massage we will take a nice shower together to come back to earth.

Kum nye tantramassage

This massage is only given during the tantra experience.

Up for some variety? The Kum Nye tantra massage is a completely different massage than the Kasmirian tantra massage (described above).

During the Kum Nye you lie on a mattress. First on your stomach and later on your back. The Kum Nye massage is first worked on the upper part of the body, then on the lower part. This is then mixed and the massage takes place all over the body.

It is a massage where we will generate the energy. The body is worked 'hard' and dynamically.

The core of this massage is to awaken the masculine and feminine energy. These are then mixed together to invoke the life energy.

NB! This massage can only be taken in the tantra experience package.

The kum nye tantramassage is aimed at releasing and feeling your sexual energy. Your life energy. Which gets you exceptionally excited.

Lying on a mat, your whole body is intensely and passionately touched by me.

Don't wait any longer and take on this ultimate experience now. A special experience. A moment for yourself. In which you can reconnect with your body and fully relax and come to an explosive climax!

(Men and women are welcome with me)


Are you interested in this erotic massage? Then make an appointment quickly.

See you soon!

xXx  – Anna

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